Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY Jewelry Frame Organizer

Hello Friends!

Don’t last minute crafts just excite you? This past weekend we made a Jewelry Frame Organizer (for me obviously LOL) Pretty nifty for an old frame I got at the thrift store huh :)

I was having a problem with my jewelry organization. I would just throw my earrings and bracelets in a drawer, and let me tell you...it was a very hot mess. So, I decided it was time to clean out my drawer and that is when I thought of constructing this little guy.

-paint of your desire, I used Rustoleum spray paint in French Beige
-wire cloth (I purchased mine at Home Depot)
-fabric of choice (optional)
-picture hooks
-1x2’s for the back of your frame
-miter saw (to cut your 1x2's)
-a sawtooth picture hanger
-staple gun
-screws & drill

I wanted a frame that was simple but also had some decorative trim on it. So I chose this one!

 I spray painted it lightly with French Beige by Rustoleum. I was a little nervous about this color going over the gold trim but it turned out a lot better than what I had expected! 

I also went ahead a spray-painted the picture hooks the same color. I forgot to take a picture of them, but they look like this!

While the frame and hooks were drying, we cut the wire cloth. Just cut enough to cover the the back of the frame. Then staple it, like so.

We went back over and hammered the staples down just to reinforce it.

Now in order to keep your earrings from touching the wall when you hang them up, you will need to attach pieces of wood behind the frame. We had left over 1x2’s in our garage and they were cut in different sizes. So we just measured the length around the frame, made sure the 1x2's fit, drilled in pilot holes and attached them. It is very important to drill pilot holes before you drill screws in to prevent the wood and the frame from splitting.

Once you are finished attaching the wood the back of the frame, you can stop there! Just make sure you attach the sawtooth ;)

But, I wanted to add some fabric! I chose this one I’ve had on hand for a while now, which I also got at the thrift store! (Since my in-law is the manager there, he always lets me know when they add an additional 50% off everything!! Score!)

Anyways, I chose my fabric and since the frame I got was 14x18 we just added 2 inches and cut the fabric at 16x20. We laid it out and stapled one side first. Once you have stapled one side, be sure to pull the fabric tight as you staple the other sides. You don’t want your fabric to sag in the background! After that, just add your sawtooth!

Now to add the dowel, he measured where I wanted the hooks to go and drilled pilot holes. Before twisting the hooks in, we did have to widen them a little bit because the dowel I chose was too thick. But if you have already made sure the dowel fits in the hooks you have (like I should have done), you should be fine!  Then we just twisted those in.

Once you have the dowel to the length of your liking go ahead and paint it (wait for it to dry) and put it on the hooks! And you are all set! :)

We didn't realize the paint hadn't dried all the way (rookie mistake) and after we were done hammering, stapling and drilling the back of it, we picked it up and noticed that some of the paint chipped off! But after staring at it for a while, I thought it gave it a more rustic look…which is always better! So I was happy.

My dowel isn’t painted for right now because I was so excited to just finish it already. I will eventually go back and paint it gold!

I hope these instructions are easy for you to understand! If you need me to clarify any steps please do not hesitate to ask :) This is my first time trying to explain how to do build something, so let me know what I need to work on!

Until nest time! 


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