Thursday, March 31, 2016

there is a first time for everything

Hello there!

 Welcome to The Herron Way!! I am so excited to see where this blogging thing takes me. I am new to all this stuff, obviously, so hang in there with me. I've been wanting to express and tell the world of all my new creations that I am proud of, like the other day when my husband and I built an entry way table! (I will be blogging about that soon!)

My husband and I live in an apartment and we have been saving up to buy a house. SO for the mean time, I am trying to create and think of new ways to decorate our little nest. I just like the feeling of making a house your home. OH I am also in the process of making blankets, mostly baby blankets, that I am sure will be on the blog as well. I feel like I am trying to talk about everything at once and nothing is making sense so I'll stop here for now! I just wanted to let you know what is coming in the future of my blogging days :) Anyways, I hope you stick around and see what my blog has to offer.

Until nest time! (See what I did there)